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ipad repairs

iPad Pro

iPad Pro and Pro 2 with a 12.9-inch model or the new 9.7-inch model, iPad Repairs is more is more likely at some stage We fix em.

Ipad Air

Ipad Air 1,2 and 3. A device that’s immensely powerful, yet so thin and light you almost forget it’s there – until you step on it. yep, we fix em.

ipad Mini

There’s more to mini than meets the eye -Really?  Why mini -time to upgrade? Oh well, if you must. Yes, we can fix them for the kids. Right !

iPad 4

The Apple iPad 4th Generation has a slim and sleek design with Retina display – but you can’t hang on forever. upgrade or sure – we can fix it.

 iPad Repairs

iPad repairs

In 2010 Apple announced the arrival of its new invention. The iPad. It was flat, heavy, had no detached keyboard and was unable to print.  iPad Repairs here we come. The only way to access it was through WIFI. Regardless we loved it! Thank you, Mr. Jobbs.

Let’s be honest: As much as the iPad has changed the way many people do business and surf the net, it is still limited (watch this space) in capabilities. Thankfully time has been good to this wonderful machine which has made the common laptop look almost – well embarrassing.
Lucky for you: We love the iPad just as much as we love to fix them. Let Mobile Phone (iPad) Repair – Sydney Team do the job: We are going to be hard to beat.

Here is a rundown of what we can do:

1. Replace, Fix, Repair, Reconstruct it doesn’t matter to us how you say it. All we worry about is restoring your iPad to its former glory. We can attend to your wonderful device and carefully remove the glass (ahem-plastic glass). We can fix your Ipad 3, 4, Air, 1 and 2 and the range of Mini’s. We have replaced a ton of these so it’s safe with us. Ipad Repairs
2 Repair The Home Button. Is your iPad screen jumping around and moving from page to page? I have seen them type letters by themselves. Scary! This is usually a home button that has moved or been pressed too hard. We can fix it. iPad Repairs.
3. Re-apply the LCD To Your Favorite Device Is your device throwing lines on the screen or the picture distorted? Are the pixels pixelating? Is that even a word? Mobile Phone repairs – Sydney can help. iPad repairs

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4. Reconstruct Your Camera, Charging port, Loudspeaker or Even the WIFI Antenna. If these are not working, the signs are usually obvious. Please refer to our troubleshoot matrix:

1. The camera doesn’t work. Broken
2. It won’t charge. Battery
3. I can’t get WIFI. Is it on? Honestly?
4. Can’t I hear it? Broken

We hope these tips have helped.

5. Reset The Software On Your Device Made too many changes and nothing looks the same anymore? Put everything in another language? Don’t stress, a reset on your device will return everything back to normal.
Removal of passcode or patterns. Has someone changed the passcode on your phone? Or have you just simply forgotten what it was? Bring it to us and we’ll get it set up ready to go for round 2.

The iPad is a wonderful machine and just a smidge better than my Commodore 64. (For those older people playing at home). We love them, we love to fix them. What are you waiting for? Hit submit

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Mobile Phone Repairs – Sydney, we aim to save you time and money. We will quote on all makes and model subject to availability of parts, but we want to assure you, we have lots of options to fix your favorite device. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about your repair. We may be cheaper than you think.